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Sunday, October 06, 2019
We all know what it's like to be so busy it feels like we have dropped more juggling pins than are still in the air. Today we analyze the hustle and bustle of life and learn how to flip the script when we begin to feel like a failure. It may not be an easy thing to accept but it simply does not mean despair when you find you can't handle it all.
Sunday, September 29, 2019
We are taught how to behave in polite company at an early age. Like what to say and what not to do around others. But it comes as a surprise to many of us when we find out we can take this people pleasing way too far. Today we break the rules of etiquette and worry less about the feelings of others to find out what really matters.
Sunday, September 22, 2019
We can all think of an advertisement or movie where the bad guy spins the truth to dupe the good guy. It's a troubling reality, but sometimes all that's needed to fool us with a lie is nothing more than the truth. In this series we explore some of these deceptions, how to spot them and most of all, how to flip the script.
Sunday, September 15, 2019
When something difficult is required of you, the one sure way to fail is to choose to do nothing. Life often gives us terrifying obstacles without giving us the knowledge of how to get beyond them. Today we break down the barrier that separates us from the goal and learn all it takes to step up.
Sunday, September 08, 2019
It's not very likely that you would read a book up to the end but refuse to turn the last page and finish it. But sometimes we're almost through a bad chapter in life and freeze, unable to make another move. Today we look the things that frighten us in the face and find the strength we need to take that next step.
Sunday, September 01, 2019
Have you ever stuck up for a friend, a brother or sister only to end up mocked or scorned yourself? Knowing that these situations can turn out uncomfortable often prevents us from doing the right thing. Today we look at what it takes to step out of the "comfort zone" and accomplish what we thought impossible.
Sunday, August 11, 2019
Some of us are new to church and all of its customs, while others have been going to church their whole lives. Generally, most people think it's good to go to church. At least you may score a cup of coffee and a donut beforehand. But today we explore this strange little ritual and find that it is better to stop just going to church.
Sunday, August 04, 2019
It is not possible to live a positive life if we are consumed by negative thoughts and negative perspectives. If we don't change the way we think, it is impossible to change who we are and the lives we live. Today we explore the battlefield in all our minds and the peace God is offering to us all with open arms.
Sunday, July 28, 2019
When life presents us with obstacle after obstacle it's easy to begin thinking in an unhealthy, destructive way. Our past experiences have made us want to protect ourselves but that doesn't mean we are naturally good at it. Today we look at how to stop viewing life in the old way and to start seeing life the way God intended.
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Olympic athletes never win a gold medal simply by waking up one morning with the idea of trying something new. That kind of achievement takes years of focus, training and practice. The truth is, it isn't any different in life. Today we focus on the kind of training and the type of practice that can make an Olympic kind of change in your life.