News: Be Part of The Miracle in Delaware!


Be Part of the Miracle in Delaware!

At Berachah Church we believe strongly that God did not call us to survive the world, He called us to change it for His glory!  In 2013 Berachah Church began an initiative we called "Be Part Of The Miracle."  It was a strategic plan of prayer and personal involvement as we asked God to provide us with a meeting place to better build relationships with our community and reach those far from Him.  

As we look at the example of God's people in the book of Joshua, we see that the Israelites had wondered around in the wilderness for 40 years because of a lack of faith and trust in God! Now they stand on the banks of the Jordan River. It was the only thing stopping them from moving from the wilderness into the Promise Land.  But it was a huge obstacle.  There they were faced with a crisis of belief! Would they trust God or not?

There were sure to be some who thought, "There is no way. This is never going to work. What are they thinking?"  And, then there were others who said, "Without God this makes no sense, but with God nothing is impossible. I want to be a part of what God is going to do and be part of the miracle?"

We want you to experience God in a powerful way with us at Berachah Church as He builds His church for His glory!  Will you Be Part Of The Miracle?