Our Basic Purpose

Life Groups exist to promote the development of significant Christian relationships centered around the study of God's Word (see Hebrew 10:24-25; Romans 8:29)


Each week, we will take time to share what is happening in our lives. At first this sharing will include some planned "sharing questions." After the first few weeks, it will become more informal and personal as our group feels safer and more comfortable.


Each week we'll study a portion of God's Word that relates to the previous weekend's sermon. Our goal is to learn how to apply and live out our Christianity in our day-today experiences and relationships.


Each week, we'll learn how to take care of one another as Christ commanded (see John 15:9-13). This care will take many forms, such as praying, listening, meeting needs, and encouraging and even challenging one another as needed.

When and where do they meet?

The facilitators or members of the LifeGroups make a decision when and where they meet. Groups meet at a time and place that is comfortable for both the members and newcomers. Private homes, community centers, back area of a restaurant...all are acceptable places to congregate. It needs to be a place where all concerned feel comfortable and safe.

Can't we get all that on Sunday?

Both the LifeGroup meetings and the Sunday celebration service are vital for success in Spiritual growth and Church growth. The groups meet individually to experience Christ's love through others in a warm setting. The celebration service on Sundays allows us to experience God together as a church body in worship and to receive teaching from the Word of God. All gatherings jointly, and in harmony, fulfill all God has to offer us.