Santa Bárbara, Honduras—Last month, a woman named Ermelinda was selling fruit in hopes of making enough money to provide for her family. Desperate for income, she went to the local grocer to see if he would purchase the fruit from her.


Pastor Carlos happened to be at the grocery store when Ermelinda came in. Carlos was shopping for food and supplies to fill gift baskets that would soon be distributed to families in nearby villages. When he overheard Ermelinda speaking to the grocer he was moved by her situation, and gave her one full supply basket, because her need seemed so great.


Ermelinda was overwhelmed at the gift from Pastor Carlos, and her eyes filled with tears. She eagerly listened to Carlos share the gospel message.


Over the next few days, Pastor Carlos went on to distribute 99 more baskets full of food and supplies to those in need throughout six nearby villages. As he gave food, he engaged in conversations about Jesus with each family. Many of these families, just like Ermelinda, felt that the food arrived just in time as they did not know where their next meal would come from.


God used your coffee to meet the physical needs of Ermelinda and 99 other families in need. The gospel has gone forward and now each of these families is connected to a local pastor in their area who cares for them! Please pray with us that as Carlos continues to minister to these families we will hear of many choosing to follow Jesus very soon.


We know you have many choices when it comes to your coffee. On behalf of Ermelinda and her neighbors, we thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee.