Encouraging Message for mother's.

Elephant In The Room

October 23, 2022

It can be heartbreaking and exhausting when a family or a team just can’t seem to work together. And the truth is, just getting over it and moving on doesn’t necessarily mean we are moving forward. In this message, we learn the only true way forward is to confront the elephant in the room.

Sunday Evening with Rick Groover

Monday Evening with Rick Groover


- Rick Groover

Rick has been involved in missions and humanitarian assistance all over the world for more then 25 years.  His ministry began at age 27 after hearing the life changing message of the gospel.  Since that day he has ministered throughout the United States, Central America, Africa and beyond.  His burden is to both “SHARE THE WORD” and “SHOW THE WORD” to every people group on the earth. 


He has decades of experience in setting up humanitarian networks, preaching everything from mission conferences to revivals, special evangelistic events, training missionaries, and more.