Discover who you are, who God is, and how to follow Him.


God doesn’t just save us and send us out. He invites us into His family. 


Groups are where godly friends become spiritual family. Where faith is stirred, assumptions are challenged, sisters are found, and brothers build each other up. 


If you aren’t experiencing the love and support of a spiritual family, discover what you’re missing. Connect to a LifeGroup today.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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Jesus compared leading to shepherding. Shepherds know the sheep in their care. A good shepherd guides his flock with love and kindness, pursuing each one individually while caring for the flock as a whole. 


This is what it’s like to lead a Group. Group Leaders do more than pursue God with their friends. They step into the authority to love and serve as a shepherd cares for their sheep. 


If you have a group of friends you’d like to pursue God with, we’ll equip you with the rest.