Generous Giving

Jesus taught us that the way we handle our possessions indicates surrender to Him. The generous giving of our possessions links our hearts to God's mission to reach mankind with the love of His son Jesus Christ.


In order to indicate your next step, circle where God is leading you to go on your generous giving journey.

Begin praying every day, "Lord, I want to give sacrificially. Now please show me how to give a gift that will stretch my faith." If you're married, pray together with your spouse.
Give yourself time! Don't rush your decision. You'll find that the longer you genuinely pray "Show me how," the more ways God will show you, and you'll be able to give more than the first amount that popped into your head.
Plan a family conference to discuss ways to give. Ask your family members to be thinking of ideas in advance. Be sure to involve your children, no matter how young they are. This is a great opportunity to teach giving and faith. 


Then the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly, for they made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart... -1 Chronicles 29:9