From the latest headline to social media comments to the person who just cut you off in traffic—there are plenty of opportunities to be offended each day. But what if we decided to respond differently to those around us? Together, let’s learn how to live with No Offense.

November 13, 2022

When someone is offended by us we usually have a long list of reasons why they shouldn’t be. We don’t want them to be because we know that being offended is not a desirable emotion. In this message, we look at what being offended really does to us, and how you can be free of it.

November 20, 2022

What kind of a game would it be if a football team couldn’t agree on which end of the field was theirs? It can be just as frustrating and comical when coworkers or family seem to want to be disagreeable. In this message, we are equipping ourselves to effectively and gracefully handle “those” people.

December 4, 2022

It’s very gratifying to find that you had the right answers, or solution, to a test, or difficult situation. And we all know how embarrassing it is when we’re sure we’re right, but then proven very wrong. In this message, we find that even when we are right, it’s dangerously easy to be very wrong.


- Pastor Jonathan

Pastor Jonathan founded our church with his wife Denyse. He has a strong passion to preach the word of God with boldness and without fear. Pastor Jonathan has been in the ministry since his early 20s. His goal is to see every person experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their life.