Pray with fire.

Prayer moves the heart of God, but some prayers move Him more than others do. Bold prayers, daring prayers—the kind of prayers that move you, too. If you’re ready to see God work in your life, praying safe won’t cut it. It’s time to pray Big & Bold Prayers.

A Big & Bold Prayer

January 23, 2022

We are taught from a young age to respect and obey authority and to be at peace with others. But what if that same authority was preventing you from helping someone in danger? In this message, we see that this is a reality for many today and learn what we can do about it.

Lord, I am listening

January 30, 2022

In the busy noise of life, it can be difficult to see and hear the purpose and meaning of it all. Sometimes we find ourselves wondering if we’re on the right course unsure how to find the answer. In this message, we are covering the simple method of finding the answers that will lead you home.

God, Break Me!

February 6, 2022

Comforting the brokenhearted is a basic tenant of being a decent, compassionate person. And we have all been on the giving and receiving end of this as far back as we can remember. In this message, we turn to a particular broken heart that has already given all there is to give.


- Pastor Jonathan

Pastor Jonathan founded our church with his wife Denyse. He has a strong passion to preach the word of God with boldness and without fear. Pastor Jonathan has been in the ministry since his early 20s. His goal is to see every person experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their life.