In a cynical world, it’s easy to give the impression of good character without actually living it out. But now more than ever, actions speak louder than words. Not just any action, but the kind centered on what matters most. Let’s learn how we can break the mold and learn to live unordinary everyday lives.


March 27, 2022

It’s not always easy to keep on the sunny side of life in a world often filled with grief and pain. Sometimes we find ourselves so overwhelmed with things gone wrong we can’t see the things gone right. In this message, we look at the one attitude that sees through the rain and brings relief to grief and pain.

Be An Encourager

March 20, 2022

We all know what it’s like to be broken and discouraged to the point of simply wanting to give up. And it breaks our hearts when we see others quit especially when we could have helped them. In this message, we explore how you can be part of the solution and help change these lives forever.

Be Optimistic

March 13, 2022

If just making it through the day doesn’t challenge our attitude, an hour with the evening news will. We are surrounded by a sea of negativity, and as the saying goes, misery loves company. In this message, we explore how this affects us, but more importantly, what we can do about it.

Love Like You Have Never Been Hurt

March 6, 2022

Living with people is one of the greatest challenges in life and the source of much of our pain. We have all experienced the heartache that results when someone we love has hurt us. In this message, we look at the one thing that hurt cannot destroy and that heals all wounds.

Don't Give Up

February 27, 2022

Sometimes life presents us with problems that leave us feeling that there is no practical solution. We all know what it’s like to be discouraged, or simply fed up with fighting a losing battle. In this message, we uncover the source of strength and a strategy guaranteed to win the war.

Living a Life of Integrity

February 20, 2022

Have you ever had a bad dream where you found yourself in trouble for doing something wrong? The fear and pain of these experiences cannot compare to the relief we have once we wake up. In this message, we examine how we can ensure that nightmare never becomes our reality.

Honor In a Culture of Dishonor

February 13, 2022

A quick glance at the evening news will tell you all you need to know about the state of this world. We are all surrounded by this culture and know what it is like to be disrespected and unappreciated. In this message, we explore how this often-missing character trait has the power to turn it all around.


- Pastor Jonathan

Pastor Jonathan founded our church with his wife Denyse. He has a strong passion to preach the word of God with boldness and without fear. Pastor Jonathan has been in the ministry since his early 20s. His goal is to see every person experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their life.