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I Can't Outgive God

It's a heartbreaking thing when we find that those we love the most think of us as unwanted attention. It's hard to imagine a parent feeling this way toward their child, but every child tends to try to crawl away. Today we examine our natural generosity, or tendency to withhold and all God is truly asking of us.

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Found People Find People

As a child were you ever lost in a grocery store or perhaps at a park? Do you remember the terror of it? Do you remember the incredible relief you felt when someone finally found you and you felt safe again? Today we look at how this kind of experience changes not only our lives but the lives of all those we meet.

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Saved People Serve People

You don't have to pretend like you've never been disappointed by someone who claimed to be a Christian. To be honest, more people walk away from Jesus for the actions of His followers than anything He ever did. Today we examine what following Jesus really looks like and the impact that kind of life truly has on others.

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Need Prayer?


There are times when life is overwhelming, when all we have is questions. In those moments, hope can feel far away. The great thing about prayer is that it shifts our perspective toward the One who stands ready to listen. No matter what you're facing, we'd love to pray with you!